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Space Clearing                                                             Lifetime Ceremonies

Our homes and work places retain energy. The warmth of a family gathering, the tension of an argument, the joy of a promotion, the pain of a loss – all are imprinted on our spaces. And that energy affects us every day.


Space Clearing is an ancient process that has been used in almost every culture in the world to release stagnant energy and refresh your space with vibrancy and harmony.


Ceremony guides us through life’s changes and milestones. And yet many of our customs have become inappropriate and uninspiring. Our society is missing the connection and meaning that ritual can bring into our lives.


How do you want to mark the important moments of your life? Are you longing for greater depth and personalization in your personal, family or community celebrations?

How does your home or work space feel - full of energy or sluggish? Do you feel uplifted or disheartened when you enter? It’s important to live and work in spaces that are synchronized with the natural flow of energy.


Space Clearing is a beautiful ceremony that releases the energy that no longer serves you and instills the essence of your aspirations and intentions. It can be performed before you move into a new home,  to mark any new beginnings (new job, starting out after divorce, new baby, renovations) or endings (selling your home, closing your business), when you feel stuck, after an illness or death, releasing an old habit and committing to a new one, or anytime a space feels heavy or uncomfortable.


I’m a certified in Elemental Space Clearing™, Interior Alignment™, Instinctive Feng Shui™, and Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™.

What my Space Clearing clients say:

Thank you so much for the deeply meaningful and powerful clearing ceremony. The intentions, actions and words we created together gave me a sense of peace and stability that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. The experience helped me in a profound way.                                                                  ~ JRL

I can’t believe the difference it made in the way I feel every time I step into my office. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Lori.                                                                          ~ Chris K.



Lori helped me sell my home. The house was fully renovated, beautiful, well located and solid but still it had received very little attention on the market. When Lori came over for her first visit, I had not received a call for nine weeks. Our visit was warm and clarifying and, as she left, the phone started to ring with requests to tour the house! Lori’s Space Clearing ceremony was breathtaking. And just one week later, we sold the house to a family who is thrilled to be moving in. I was awed by Lori’s work.             



We feel that the space now works for us in new and unexpected ways. The whole experience was really positive and allowed for what felt like a fresh start with wonderful intentions as our small business moves forwards. Thank you for your warm and wonderful support!                                   ~LWD


After a difficult personal time, my house felt like it was hanging on to old pain and uncertain function. Lori’s compassion, insight and space clearing ceremony completely transformed it to a loving, safe and welcoming home for me and my family. I’m feeling grounded and ready to enter the next chapter of my life in a home that feels ready for it. I’m truly grateful to Lori.



I have had Lori conduct space clearing on my house and property three times and each one of these energetic clearings has been transformational for myself, my family, our land and our house, as well as being extremely relevant to my own human journey.                                                               ~Ruth L

I work closely with my clients to design and lead a ceremony that reflects their beliefs and personality. My expertise comes from 30 years’ study of ritual from many different belief systems.


Whether it's your upcoming wedding, childbirth, promotion, running your first marathon, coming of age or retirement, please don’t settle for a cake and a few friends. Let’s create a unique ritual that feels perfect for you and your loves ones and truly honours significance of the moment.

What my Ceremony clients say:


The journey with Lori took time and was worth every moment: the exploration of our love and commitment, the writing of vows that were truly heartfelt, matching all the components with our intentions. The wedding ceremony was as beautiful, spiritual and meaningful as we had hoped. As she led us through the joining of our lives, she brought a sense of calm and affirmation. The ceremony and the day were perfect. She made it easy, worthwhile and, above all else, meaningful.                         ~ Dave & Cate


The blessing of our new home, done amongst a handful of dear friends, was sacred and playful – just right for us. Lori’s ability to understand our needs and wishes and help us actualize them made this ceremony feel very real and grounded for our family.                             ~ SA & ML


We will remember forever this poignant celebration of our daughter's university graduation and starting the career of her dreams. We are so grateful for Lori's listening and patience as she worked with us to create a ritual that truly reflected what it meant for all of us. The whole time spent with Lori felt so good in our hearts.                                                                                         ~Jan W.


Lori guided us through the process of creating a beautiful circle ceremony for our wedding. I can’t count the number of people who complimented us on how marvelous it was and how directly it reflected my husband and I and our love for each other.

                                                      ~ Nicole & Derek

Lori performed a beautiful blessing of our 5-acre property. When she walked the perimeter with me, I felt the land more strongly with her focus by my side. It was magical!                           ~ HM

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