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Hello and welcome.

I'm Lori.


Blueberry lover.

Moon gazer.

Barefoot dancer.

Energy channeler.

Master Parenting Coach.


I’m passionate about helping anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated mothers discover and activate new parts of themselves so they are parenting with more inner peace and building a more open, accepting, sustainable connection with their kid.



How I got here


Have you ever tried to climb a muddy slope and found yourself sliding backwards?

That’s how I used to feel when I was trying to get unstuck and change beliefs and habits that clearly weren’t working for me. I'd be in a course or a circle and some words would all of a sudden turn a page for me. Or a silent sacred moment illuminated something I’d never seen before. You know that kind of moment. A door opened, some old energy was released and what I needed to do next was right there in front of me.

Then I went home and set things up to make it happen. And it did… for a while. Then I slowly slid back into my old way. It was so frustrating and disheartening - it made me think there was something wrong with me.


That’s when I decided I would learn how to really make a life change – so I was actually doing something different in my day-to-day life and actually experiencing a different way of being. 


The other problem I encountered back then was that, when I was in a workshop, therapy or some other ‘talk’ process, I craved more spirit and energy in it. And when I was in ceremonies, healings or circles, I needed more talking and processing.  Surely, I thought, there had to be a middle ground, a perfect combination. 







What I learned


What I learned, and then developed, is a unique approach to personal change that fills these gaps. My technique represents the consolidation of my expertise in Integral coaching and energy channeling, my experience in parenting and that of all the parents I’ve connected with, and my own 30-year journey of self-development.


I chose Integral coaching because it's one of the few methods that honors all of you – body, mind, heart and soul – and takes you all the way through the change you’re making. More than just seeing it but actually doing it and going forward in your life in a new way. As an embodied Integral Master coach, I have deep capacity in seeing you, where you are and where you want to go, along with the skills and presence to guide you on that tender journey.


I am also a long-time ritual maker and energy channeler. I help you activate the unseen energies that shine light onto the important change you’re making. This enables the loving release of your outdated pattern (the nagging, worrying, resenting, etc.) while your new way of parenting emerges from within you, where it already exists and awaits your discovery.


This is deeply rooted, holistic coaching within a sacred container.

coach lantern



But you wanted to know more about me...


Well, I used to be an anxious, over-protective, controlling, perfectionistic parent.

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve seen the look on my kid’s face when I’ve yelled something completely unforgivable. I’ve caught myself behaving more like my mother than who I am and what I believe. I been to the harrowing edge of almost losing my teenager. And I've felt sick about screwing up the greatest privilege in my life. 

When my kids were preteens, I realized that I needed to address my reactions and fears, or we weren't going to have the relationships I wanted for us.

I delved into my inner work and, fast forward a few years, I became known as the 'chill' mom in the neighbourhood. Not an overnight transformation but steady practice and perseverance to become calm, approachable, flexible and open-minded with my kids.

I’m not perfect. Believe me, if do-overs were a thing… And our relationships continue to have ups and downs, chasms and closeness. 

But one thing I’m certain about is that working on my own inner development was the best gift I could have given my kids.


Each time I caught myself yelling at my kids, dismissing them or wanting things to be different, it was an opportunity to heal my childhood wounds, reexamine stories I had about myself and take another step toward becoming the mother I knew I could be, that I longed to be.


Everyone has their own learning path; mine has included teachings from Indigenous elders, qigong, human development theories, shamanic ceremonies, immersive coach training, ecstatic dance, learning the Enneagram and spending a lot of time with the spirit of the land.


The more attuned I became to the core of who I really am, the more I could see and accept who my kids really are. That’s when I felt myself stepping confidently and calmly into the uncharted role of being the parent to these two amazing souls.



​To have a strong relationship with your kids as they grow up,

you need to be growing too.




Some tidbits about me:

  • I grew up on a cattle ranch in a small town called Horsefly. Really.  

  • I love being in the mountains. It's the air that feels right in my lungs, my soul’s home.  And I love taking photos, as you can tell. 

  • I’m an Enneagram T9w1, born on the Taurus/Gemini cusp. My bedside table holds the Rumi Oracle, amethyst and mookaite crystals and my trusty journal.


  • I'm an elemental space clearer, energy channeler and a ritual-leader (read more here).

  • I work with high school students on the side - it keeps me connected to their worldview.

  • I’ve been downsizing since 2019. Living with less gives me a sense of simplicity and peace.

  • I've had silver hair since my 30’s.

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Why I work with parents

The arena of parenting coaching is rife with half-trained helpers and millionaire 'experts'. But a parent goes looking for help when things are rough and, to me, it’s downright unethical the way dedicated parents are overcharged and misled to believe that someone else knows better.


That’s why I’m over here, quietly helping parents sort through their thorny messes and cultivate their own way of parenting. I want you to build your relationship with your kid in a way that truly works for you and them.


I have a big vision in which all the teens and young adults in the world are supported to find the beat of their own hearts and follow their passions. They’re encouraged and empowered by their families and communities to become the genuine, kind, brilliant, creative beings that our world needs.


And this requires us, as parents and caregivers, to face ourselves and do the work - the essential inner work - to be able to support them to really shine their lights and share their gifts.


To me, this is the way to Peace - one heart and one family at a time. 



 Peace in your parenting comes from within.

Step into the journey that will change the rest of your life.


My Invitation

to You


If this feels like it might be just what you need right now, I invite you to a complimentary coaching session so you can get to know me and my style.


You can tell me about the issue that’s got you looking for support and I'll help you gain some insight and traction on what's most important to you right now.

That's it. No obligation and no sales pitch, I promise.

And if we discover that we'd be a good fit to work more in depth together, it would be my privilege to guide you as you step into your new way of parenting.​

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