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The Transformation Program

Step into a journey that will be one of the major turning points in your life.

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  • We will get to the core of what’s going on for you and uproot what’s been getting in the way of your ability to parent with balance, intention and composure.  


  • You will be deeply seen and heard in all your perfectly imperfect humanness.


  • I will teach you how to catch your ingrained habits in the act, break out of old patterns and deactivate your triggers.


  • You will take carefully designed steps, week by week, to develop the capabilities you need to attain the ease and connection that, so far, you’ve only been able to imagine.


  • I will guide you to new levels of self-awareness, acceptance and calm.

  • You will receive deep compassion and expert support as you practice, mess up and try again, until you feel your new way of parenting alive and steady in you.


  • I will hold sacred space for your transformation and help you mark the milestones of your journey in deeply meaningful ways.


  • You will laugh, cry and amaze yourself.




How does it work?

  • We meet online twice a month.

  • Sessions are 75 minutes. 

  • ​​​In between our sessions, you engage in meaningful, custom-designed, practices (5-15 min per day) that hone your new capabilities. This isn't your typical "homework" - it's you gradually learning how to show up differently in your real-life situations.

  • Within weeks, you feel the beginnings of a meaningful shift within yourself and your way of being.



Is this right for you?

You'll experience powerful results from my coaching if ​

  • You're open-minded and open-hearted about exploring what needs to shift in you (and understand that this is not about 'fixing' your kid)

  • You're comfortable delving beneath the surface and going to the tender places.

  • You can commit to trying different things and doing daily practices to discover what really aligns with you. 

  • You're excited to discover and embody new aspects of yourself.​

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"I am finally being me and parenting my way and it feels like this is how it was meant to be. The cold unspoken resentment between my daughter and I is slowly fading and we’re building something new together. And that’s worth gold!  Lori is a very kind, wise, skillful guide and I’m recommending her to every parent I know.”

Benita Lang, Toronto




"I didn’t realize the effect it had on my kids until my daughter said she couldn’t trust me or how I would react to things. It hurt so badly but she was right - I was always anxious. My work with Lori helped me find my balance and start living that way. I feel steady now when I'm with my kids and it has brought us closer together. I'm amazed and grateful to be able to write these words!" 

Ariel C, Virginia

What’s included:

  • Two 75-minute virtual coaching sessions each month.


  • A summary of your primary developmental objectives and instructions for customized practices that gain you traction in the places that are most important for you to work on.


  • A map to guide you forward after your coaching program.



$300 USD per month


There is a minimum commitment of 2 months. ​Beyond that, you can cancel at any time. Most of my clients work with me for 5-9 months to experience a deeper transformation and embodiment of their new way of parenting.

And yes, I'm consciously choosing to charge less than other parenting coaches with my experience. I believe that every parent of young adults should have access to some expert help when they need it most, so I set my prices with accessibility in mind.

Looking for just one session with me? Go to the Compass Session.


Lorikwalters parenting coac



"I’m so proud of the work I’ve done with you. I was so enmeshed in the dynamic with my 20-yr-old that I didn’t know if I could actually get out of it, but you were always there to help me find my next step. There is a new peace in me feeling this connection between my soul purpose, my role as a mother and how I am with my child."

MLK, Monterey, Ca

"The time I spent working with Lori was a bright turning point in my life and I'm so grateful. I became a different kind of mother and it set my relationship with my son on a whole new course. This was deep work that touched my heart and soul and moved me forward on my life journey. Lori's talents are beautiful and powerful."

   Jillian S., Melbourne, AUS

     My Vision for You

  • You are free from looping through the same problem again and again. Your old triggers are neutralized and you respond differently in those previously impossible situations.


  • You see your child with fresh eyes and feel a stronger connection with them. As one client put it, “I fell in love with my daughter all over again.”  


  • The way you're parenting feels right in your body, mind, heart and soul. It has you trusting your instincts and honouring what’s most important to you. You feel grounded and at peace with how you're interacting with your young adult child.

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  Photo by Lori Walters



Growing as a parent is beautiful and messy,

graceful and awkward,

sacred and earthly.

I walk right beside you through all of it - the wonderful a-ha’s and the inevitable stumbles - with expertise and deep care for you and your personal transformation.


Expect to go away embodying new ways of being that will profoundly alter how you parent.



We Begin Here



Every Transformation Program begins with a

Complimentary Coaching Session

This is your opportunity to check out my style and see what it's like to work with a parenting coach. You'll tell me a bit about what’s bringing you to coaching and I'll help you gain some insight and traction on what's most important to you right now.



You and I both know that some coaches try to lure you in with a free call to talk you into working with them or pressure you into deciding. But that's not my approach. I respect the fact that you need some help and I'm willing to give you just that. There will be no sales talk, I promise. 

 Here's the thing: I may or may not be the right coach for you. If it doesn't feel like a good fit, that's ok. You'll leave with some new clarity and direction. We'll both feel good about that.


And if you want to explore working more deeply with me, then we'll set up another call to talk about the logistics.

This is 45 minutes focused entirely on you

and your parenting journey.

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