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Gift Coaching Sessions...

Twice a year, I offer Gift coaching sessions to parents of teens and young adults. The next series will be in May, 2024. Watch here for details.



The Sunday Letter to Parents...

Helping you tune into your parenting wisdom and build better connections with your kids.

Every Sunday morning, I send a letter to parents who are working on releasing worry and control, breaking free from unhealthy parenting patterns, shifting into better alignment with their values and essential selves, and connecting more genuinely with their teen and young adult children.


I share fresh perspectives, inspiring stories and simple but powerful practices to help you take your next step toward being the kind of parent you’re longing to be.


Slip away to your favourite spot for ten minutes. Take a gentle breath and gather wisdom and energy for your ongoing parenting journey.



So you know...

I follow conscious business practices. I value your trust in letting my words come directly into your inbox and I will never share your email address with anyone. I won't bombard you with stuff you don't want and, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.



Guided meditations to support and nourish you on your parenting journey.

Reconnecting to your Parenting WisdomLori Walters
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Click HERE for more of my guided meditations.

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