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Gift Coaching Sessions...

Twice a year, I offer 20 Gift coaching sessions to parents of teens and young adults. The next series is May 1 - 31, 2024. 


Who are the Gift Sessions for?


These sessions are for parents who want to find peace in their parenting and who understand that it will come from making changes in themselves. This is not about fixing your kid or making them do or be something. It’s about you stretching, releasing old habits, receiving new insights and making space for something new in your relationship.

I’d love to give one of these Gift Sessions to you if: 

  • You’re a dedicated parent with kids in their teens or twenties and there’s a rift in your relationship. Maybe there’s more yelling or maybe there’s more silence.

  • You’re willing to take a close look at your part in this dynamic and learn new ways of being with your big kid.

  • You sense that there’s another way of parenting somewhere within you - a way that’s more aligned with who you are and the kind, conscious, connected parent you feel deeply called to be.


What happens in a Gift Session?


I'll confirm that the call is 100% confidential, set the coaching space and invite you to go as deep or wide as you want and to say what feels true to you. Then you will talk about what's bringing you to coaching.


At certain points, I'll ask questions to help you explore more fully and deepen your self-awareness. As we get to the core of the issue, you will see new light on your situation and feel a sense of relief. From your fresh perspective and the new possibilities that arise, we’ll design a practice or two for you to implement. You'll walk away with a clear sense of your next step and warmth in your heart. 



p.s. Sometimes we’re suspicious of a freebie. We think either it’s going to be a veiled sales pitch or just fluff and not worth our time. So let me set your mind at ease...

This call is completely complimentary. There will be zero talk about my coaching programs. And it’s not just a chat. This is 60 minutes of expert, embodied coaching focused on improving your relationship with your child.


The Sunday Letter to Parents...

Helping you tune into your parenting wisdom and build better connections with your kids.

Every Sunday morning, I send a letter to parents who are working on releasing worry and control, breaking free from unhealthy parenting patterns, shifting into better alignment with their values and essential selves, and connecting more genuinely with their teen and young adult children.


I share fresh perspectives, inspiring stories and simple but powerful practices to help you take your next step toward being the kind of parent you’re longing to be.


Slip away to your favourite spot for ten minutes. Take a gentle breath and gather wisdom and energy for your ongoing parenting journey.



So you know...

I follow conscious business practices. I value your trust in letting my words come directly into your inbox and I will never share your email address with anyone. I won't bombard you with stuff you don't want and, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.



Guided meditations to support and nourish you on your parenting journey.

Reconnecting to your Parenting WisdomLori Walters
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