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The Compass Session

A powerful coaching session that takes you from Lost to On Track.




Your relationship with your teen or young adult child is off the rails right now.

It feels like the situation between the two of you is getting worse and, when you think about where your relationship is headed, there's a tornado in your gut and a lead weight in your heart.


You’ve tried everything you can think of and nothing is working.

You’re looking for some fresh light on the situation.

You need a sense of direction.

And you need it now.

The Compass Session is 2 hours devoted to the parenting issue that’s causing you angst right now. 


  • Maybe it’s never-ending tension with your big kid that has you grasping for a hold on something, anything.


  • Or your auto-pilot reaction that, no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to break free from. A reaction that always pushes your kid farther away.


  • Or your constant anxiety about the decisions they're making and where they might lead. Anxiety that has you doing things that only make it worse.



This powerful session will bring you clarity about exactly where you are right now (no wonder you feel lost) and how to get where you want to get in your relationship. 

You'll gain the tools and confidence to take a wise, practical step forward.


Be more at ease with your kid.



Have clearer, more respectful communications.

Real talking, instead of the battles and standoffs. 


Feel tangible progress in building acceptance and trust in your relationship.

Feel the contentment of parenting in a way that's aligned with who you are and how you truly want to be parenting.





This will fit you perfectly if:

  • You want to put some intentional focus on the problem that's 'up' for you. You know, shine the flashlight into the corners and deal with what's there.

  • You don’t have the time or bandwidth right now to engage in a longer, deeper coaching journey. You’re seeking some clarity. And you need it Now. 


  • You’re open to trying new things and discovering what aligns with who you are and will truly work for you. 

  • You’re comfortable with the prospect of taking the tools and insight from our session and integrating them into your day-to-day life.

Photo by Lori Walters




How it works

Before we meet, I'll ask you to delve into a set of questions that have been carefully crafted to show me (and maybe you) exactly where you are right now.

Then I’ll take it all in for a few days - your situation, how you're approaching it and what you’re longing for - and come to our session fully prepared to give you my deepest listening, most valuable insights and the kind of supports that’ll be most beneficial to you.

 During our time together, we’ll cut through the fog, get to the core of the issue and shine new light on it. We’ll gently loosen what’s been getting in your way and identify the places that are most important for you to work on. Then we’ll create some personally tailored practices and a plan that lights your path forward.


As we wrap up, you'll breathe a sigh of relief to have a clear sense of direction, plus practical tools to continue building on your momentum.

Lorikwalters parenting coac



"Wow! That was way more powerful than I expected. You really got to the crux of my parenting rut and where I was stuck in my heart... I feel really different now. Something has changed inside me. I know what I can do and I'm ready to adjust the way I approach my son. I haven't felt this calm and confident for a long time."

Juanita G., Oregon Coast 

" Without question, it was her tranquil nature that made me feel immediately comfortable and able to open up deep truths. She really understood what I was dealing with, showed me what I hadn't seen and adapted instinctively throughout our session as I explored. She knows how to open the doors and lead you in your chosen direction."

   R.S., Whistler BC 





What’s Included

  • A 2-hour private coaching session on zoom.

  • Instructions for 2-3 customized practices.

  • A plan to guide you forward.



$200 USD

* A follow-up session is available at a discounted rate.

* Yes, I'm intentionally charging less than other coaches with my experience. I believe the world is a better place when every parent has access to some expert help when they need it most, so I set my prices with accessibility in mind.


* Looking for a deeper dive? Go to the Transformation Program.

What’s Not Included

Any surprise add-ons or sales pitches about my other coaching programs.



You get

  • Clarity. Our conversation will shed light on what you can’t quite see right now. The fog will lift and you’ll have fresh perspective on your situation.

  • Support. You will be deeply seen and heard – all of who you are and what’s coming up for you right now - be it awkward, messy or heavy. You’ll feel accepted and supported.


  • Your next step. This is a practical plan that you feel clear and confident about implementing. Not just great insights but also a way to integrate them into your life. We’ll design these steps together so they’re right for you and you’re eager to get started with them. Change is immediately afoot.




Get your Bearings and Take the Next Step

on your Parenting Path

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