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Space Clearing

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Space Clearing ceremonies have been practiced for thousands of years in almost every culture in the world to clear out stagnant energy and bring forth new life force. 

When we release what is complete, we create space for what's next to emerge.





Our homes and work places retain energy: the warmth of a family gathering, the tension of an argument, the joy of a promotion, the pain of a loss – all of theses are imprinted on our spaces.


And that energy affects us every day. It can reinforce tension. It can add to the weight of sadness. It can create confusion and keep us stuck.


A personalized space clearing ceremony releases old energy and refreshes your space with vibrancy and harmony. 

Imagine feeling your living spaces aligned with your intentions and supporting your development on your path. It's wonderful.


Thankyou so much for the deeply meaningful and powerful clearing ceremony. The intention, actions, and words we created together gave me a sense of peace and stability that I haven't felt in a long, long time. This experience helped me in a profound way. 


Jo L, Whitehorse, Yukon

When to have a Space Clearing 

  • You and/or your space feels dreary, tense, uncomfortable, lifeless or just plain stuck

  • There's a tangible new beginning - new job, new house, new baby, graduation, retirement

  • You're at a significant point in your inner journey, completing a phase, releasing something, moving into the next stage of self-development

  • You are preparing to sell your home or business

  • There's been an illness, death, divorce




How It Works


A space clearing ceremony is very personal, so we design it together. I offer you ideas about elements that can be incorporated and help you identify the words and symbols that will make it most meaningful to you. 

I follow the traditions of the four directions and work with tools such as sound, candles, crystals, plants, songs, mudras and essential oils. 


Your space clearing can be conducted virtually or in person (Vancouver, Canada) and will last 1-2 hours. 

I work respectfully with the unique energy of your space, where you’re at in your life and what you want to bring into it now.

Cost: $200-400

Golden Leaves

 Lori helped me sell my home. The house was fully renovated, beautiful, well located and solid but I had not received any calls for nine weeks. Lori's space clearing ceremony was breathtaking. And right as she left, the phone started to ring with requests to tour the house! Just one week later, we sold the house to a family who was thrilled to be moving in. I am awed by Lori’s work.     


                 Sarah Sage, Vancouver

My Path to Here


My spiritual exploration has carried me down a number of different paths, where I have gratefully received the teachings of numerous wise elders. What became my spiritual home was a mix of beliefs and traditions that sustain my connection with the earth, the four directions, the wheel of the year and the cycles of nature.


Twenty years ago, I was given the name of Teacher of Ceremony though, at the time, I couldn’t imagine stepping into those kind of shoes. And yet, a path was lain before me. I have since been asked to perform ceremonies for births, weddings, retirements, graduations and other milestones.

In my years in Canada’s far north, I rediscovered my exceptional attunement with the spirit of place. I could feel ancestors who had walked the land. I could hear the songs and stories held within a house. Excited and reverent, I followed this calling and joined the lineage of Elemental Space Clearers.

It is my honour to meet people in the pivotal moments of their lives and provide a ritual to mark the moment and open the next chapter of their human journey.

We begin with a Free Discovery Call

Fit is essential when it comes to space clearing. You want to get a sense of me and my approach before you put yourself and your space in my hands. And I want to get to know who you are, what you need and if I can truly be of service to you.

So let’s give each other 30 minutes.

Tell me about what has you considering a space clearing ceremony, ask me all your questions and get a feel for me and how I work.


No pressure, no sales pitch.

Just exploring the possibility.

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