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Research / Coaching Calls

March and April 2023




I’m looking for this woman.


She’s a dedicated mother with kids aged 15 to 25. Her kids are becoming increasingly independent and she finds herself in the transition from mother-child to adult-adult relationships.


And it’s tricky. Part of her worries and wants to give them everything they need before their adulthood; and part of her wants to let go and give them their space. She feels pushed and pulled by her feelings and responsibilities.


She has done so much to raise her kids consciously and intentionally, but right now there’s a painful distance between them - more yelling, more silence, or both. She wants to turn things around but she’s not quite sure how. It’s not that she expects to have a perfectly peaceful relationship, but she knows it can be better. More understanding, genuine acceptance and deeper connection - that’s what she’s longing for.


This woman has a passion for self-development and spiritual growth. She has faced her share of parenting challenges. She has worked the edges of her discomfort and confusion. Each time, she learned more about herself, adjusted her parenting approach a few degrees and emerged anew in closer alignment to her true heart and soul.


She also knows, in her heart, that part of the current problem is about her – her reactions, the stories she tells herself, her habits and wounds. She’s longing for clarity about what’s tripping her up and steps to move forward in being the mother she wants to be. 



If you know this woman, I’d like to talk with her for an hour.


For 30 minutes, she will be asked questions about her parenting challenges. The other 30 minutes will be her opportunity for personal coaching on any parenting topic she’d like to address.  


The calls take place on zoom. Weekend and evening spots are available. It’s completely confidential and I promise there won’t be a sales pitch or anything yucky like that. I appreciate your time and what I can learn from you.


If you know this woman, would you be willing to let her know that I am looking for her?

And if it’s you, please schedule your Research/Coaching call. Thanks.

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