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  • Lori K Walters

World Peace through Parent Coaching (really)

Updated: Feb 25

World Peace through Parent Coaching

Almost every client asks me why I coach.

On one level, it’s because I want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the joyful benefits of exploring and developing oneself. And it’s a honour to help alleviate another’s suffering.

My deeper answer, however, is that I want world peace.

Even when I was a child, I wanted everyone to get along. When I first understood what an election was, I wanted everyone to just work together. When people vilified the Russians, I always defended them and, when Sting came out with the song “I hope the Russians love their children too”, it was as if he had read my mind.

Fast forward to young adulthood. Full of energy to right injustices. Working for cross-cultural understanding and acceptance. I was told again and again that I was too much silver lining and not realistic enough about the dark clouds.

How does this connect to coaching parents?

As I matured, I came to realize that where I can make the most difference in creating a peaceful world is by supporting the next generation.

Now I'm a parenting coach and I believe that if children grow up to know and be confident in who they really are, to be connected to the beat of their own heart, then they will be more peaceful, both internally and externally. More content with who they are. More accepting of others and who they are. Live and let live.

And if their kids grow up in that same kind of environment, world peace as possible. I want that for my grandchildren and my great, great grandchildren. And yours.

And so I work with one parent at a time. I guide them to find their integrity in their way of parenting. To trust their instincts, connect honestly with their children and build deep beautiful relationships with them. I help them create peace in their hearts in and in their children’s environment. I see that being modelled with their friends and relatives, and rippling out to their teachers, neighbours, coaches, coworkers…

That’s my answer: I coach for world peace.



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