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  • Lori K Walters

Parenting IS your evolution toward your true Self; Personal Growth on the Parenting Journey

Updated: Mar 25

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Every parent is a unique and fascinating individual. A miraculous amalgamation of molecules and magic, flesh, bones, light and love. And each one of us is living a unique path through parenting the amazing little beings who came into our lives. As you do so, you are constantly changing and moving forward in your own personal development. Learning as you go. Continually letting go of aspects of who you were, stories that just aren’t true anymore, habits that take you right back where you don’t want to be. Continually trying new ways - sometimes gracefully, often awkwardly - and moving into the next version of yourself as a woman and as a parent. The work I do is helping parents build stronger relationships with their teen and young adult children. What that involves is, on my part, is helping you access the wisdom and abilities of that next version of you. The avenues through which I do that are coaching and clairsentience. You already know that I use a renowned coaching method that facilitates and integrates personal change. That’s the ‘talk’ part, the exploration, the questions that make new truths come out of your mouth.

But change doesn’t happen just in the physical realm. It is a sacred process. Your evolution toward your highest Self. And, as such, it is supported by energies within and beyond yourself. Call it Life Source, Yahweh, Divine Light, Mystery or Oneness. The benevolent force that holds us all. As a long-time ritual maker and energy channeler, I’ve witnessed thousands of times how that force intervenes on behalf of one’s transformation into their next version. Beautiful, magical moments of wisdom and freedom. And so, to support you to gain access to new aspects of yourself, I work at the intersection of the cognitive and the spiritual, the known and the unknown, helping you connect with the unseen energies that shine light onto your unique, marvelous personal growth.

~ The decision to work together with a client begins with a complimentary coaching session - their opportunity to check out my style and my opportunity to get a sense of who they are and determine if I am the right person to help them at this point in their life. Part of that decision is cognitive and ethical, based on my knowledge of my skills and the shift they want to make. The other part is sensing them energetically. I do a solo ceremony, beginning with incense, crystals, songs, honouring the Four Directions and lighting up my connection with my spiritual guides. I request a blessing to work with my client’s guides, be they ancestors, totem animals, deities, gurus, elements, etc., and wait until I sense their presence and willingness throughout my being. A deep, clear, shining ‘yes’. From that moment on, I hold this privilege and responsibility every day throughout the coaching relationship, sometimes up to 10 months. How would you describe your guides? Imagine, if they were called, who would gather in the spirit world on your behalf. Your great grandmother or an even older association with an ancestral culture? Your deep connection to wolves, dolphins or ravens? Your sense of true belonging in the ocean or the desert? Fairies, saints, poets or mystics? Ageless gods and goddesses? ~ Before each coaching session, I do an energetic clearing and then open my client’s channels to Spirit. It may be a faint beam of light, a change in the air or a ripple through my body. I feel my being connected to the divine and I am filled with light. I can feel that the conduit is open. Whatever the qualities of my client’s connection to Spirit, I trust that her guides and gods will interact with her in their own way and in their own time. I hold the space open and never interfere with their workings. They may inspire her to say something she's never said before, give her an image that provides new insight, or sit as silent witnesses and shower her with encouragement. I also trust that whatever comes to me, whether I understand it or not, is worth sharing with my client - it may spark an idea or memory or show them something from a new angle. I recently had such a beautiful session with a client, Jay, who was struggling to hold a healthy boundary in a painful situation. As she spoke of an overwhelming urge to carry the extra weight for her over-stressed adult child, a competing need to be true to herself and what she could handle, along with responsibility and guilt jabbing her at every turn and leaving her unable to see anything clearly, I instinctively asked her if she wanted to seek spiritual guidance. With her agreement and preparation, I initiated our impromptu ceremony and opened the channels to her guides. I chanted for a minute and then we sat in silence as light flowed in around us. When the light dimmed and we were ready to talk, Jay said she had seen an image of a sparkling blanket in front of her and heard the voice of her deceased aunt. In those same moments, I had seen a woman putting a lustrous cloak on over her head and walking serenely and confidently out of a glen, the hem trailing in the grass. After we reverently closed the ceremony, Jay said she was blown away to receive such powerful information. We switched back to coaching and explored what the cloak meant to her considering her situation with her son. She also recalled that her aunt had often said, “Remember who you are”. With these pieces of information, Jay saw her way forward and we co-designed the next step in her personal development. She was thrilled and I was deeply grateful that such wisdom had come through to us. This kind of life-changing moment doesn’t happen in every coaching session with every client but, when it does, it’s pure magic. A client will be talking and something comes to me, seemingly unrelated and sometimes bizarre, like an elephant moving a heavy log, an empty green fishing boat or fiery flamenco dancers, only to discover that my client has a powerful connection to Indian elephants, fell out of a boat as a child or dreams of a Spanish lover. When this happens, I am working in partnership with the creative forces of the universe, channeling energy directly into the personal growth of this beautiful person. ~ Being able to build more harmonious relationships with your young adult children requires intentional personal growth - continuous willingness to face and release your old patterns and embrace the emergence of your Sage Self. What I’ve come to know is that everything you need – every new perspective, tool and skill - is within you, already part of you, ready to be called forth. And your spirit guides will help. What will you call forth today?

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