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Feng Shui Harmony

How do you feel in your home or workspace?

When you walk through the door, do you feel a peaceful “ahhhh”

or are you overwhelmed and agitated?


I work closely with you and guide you through a process of making subtle changes in your space to bring more harmony into your life. I honour your unique nature and empower you to align your environment with your goals in ways that feel right for you.

What My Clients are Saying

What My Clients are Saying


When we started, all I could say was that things didn't feel right and I didn't know why. As we walked through the house, I felt such a relief because you understood and knew what to do. 

Your suggestions were simple but perfect. We immediately felt a change in our home - more peaceful and more positive. We feel more comfortable in our home and that feels wonderful.

 Anna Maria

Feng shui addresses the flow of positive energy into and throughout your home and workspace. Make small changes with big impacts and create an environment aligned with what you want in your life, whether it’s stronger relationships, clarity about your life path, career success, greater creativity, joy, divine guidance or well-being.

My kind of feng shui

eastern and medicine wheel


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