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You deserve Peace in your parenting.

One-to-one coaching journeys

for mothers of teens and young adults.


You've put a lot of intention, love and energy into raising this kid. But now that they're a young adult (or think they are), your relationship isn't going so well.


Maybe there’s more yelling.


Maybe there’s more silence…




Hello and welcome.

I’m Lori


Master Parenting Coach


Energy Channeler

I guide anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated mothers to find their calm and activate new parts of themselves so they can parent steadily and confidently. Following their true intention. Riding the waves instead of being pulled under. Actually enjoying parenting at this stage.




Parenting kids in their teens and twenties means constantly trying to figure out when to step in and when to back off . When you try to help,you end up driving them farther away. And when you keep your distance, you're sick with worry.

It has you feeling off balance and doing and saying things you don’t mean to. 

The air between you and your young adult is constantly tense.

Deep down, you know it's partly about you.

You know that you need to change something about the way you're parenting: heal something, learn something, shed something that doesn't fit anymore and move forward. Doing it differently instead of repeating the same old loop.

You're in the right place.

In a deeply personal, one-to-one coaching journey, I take you to the heart of what's tripping you up and help you develop your new way of parenting calmly and intentionally.

A way that works even in those intense situations.

A way that aligns with your heart and soul.

A way that builds real connection and takes you into even deeper love with your big kid. 

Lorikwalters parenting coac



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"Reading your articles is like stepping into a sanctuary for 20 minutes. It's a place to breathe, reflect and gather energy for my week of parenting ahead."

"What I love most are the questions Lori poses. Without making me feel ashamed or telling me what to do, she points me into an area to explore in my own heart and find my own answers and how I want to implement them in my personal situation. I feel so lucky to have found Lori. She gives away her mothering wisdom so generously and my family is the better for it."

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