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Reconnect with your Teen or Young Adult child

and find Peace in your Parenting




You’re a dedicated parent. You've put a lot of intention, love and energy into raising this kid. But now your relationship has become distant.


Maybe there’s more yelling.

Maybe there’s more silence…




Hello and welcome

I’m Lori

Mother, Energy Channeler and Master Coach

I'm here to help you rebuild that connection and find peace your parenting.




Parenting kids in their teens and early twenties means always trying to figure out when to back off and when to step in. You try to give them guidance and end up driving them farther away. But when you hold your tongue, you don't feel like you're doing your job as a parent. 

Deep down, you know it's partly about you. That you need to change something about the way you’re parenting. Heal something, shed something... And it's a change so tender and intricate that you can't quite do it on your own.

You're in the right place.

I guide parents like you out of frustrating, heartbreaking relationship messes.


You go to the heart of the kind of parent you want to be and develop a way of parenting that aligns with your heart and soul.


A way that builds communication and inspires acceptance.


And takes you into even deeper love with your big kid.



You're invited to receive my Sunday Letter to Parents.

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It arrives every week with fresh perspectives, practices and inspiration to help you to find your footing and take your next step on your parenting journey.

Wisdom, nourishment and alchemy

in your inbox.


"This is like stepping into a sanctuary for twenty minutes - a place to breathe, reflect and gather energy for the week of parenting ahead."

Deep in your heart, you're longing for a relationship with your child that has more trust, acceptance and harmony.

I can help.

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