Build a genuine connection 

with your teen/young adult child.





You’re a dedicated parent. You put a lot of energy into raising them consciously and lovingly. But now you're drifting apart.


Maybe there’s more yelling.

Maybe there’s more silence…




Hello and welcome.

I’m Lori.

Mother, Mentor and Master Coach.

I'm here to help you make a change in your parenting

and your life.


A change whose voice is whispering in your heart.

​A change that will finally free you from spinning in the messages and wounds from your own childhood.

​A change so tender that you can't quite do it on your own.


My coaching practice is devoted to our personal and collective work of

  • breaking unhealthy inter-generational parenting patterns

  • shifting into better alignment with our essential selves and our own parenting instincts

  • deepening our connections with our almost-adult children, and

  • leaving a legacy of parent-child relationships that are filled with more trust, acceptance and love.

It's time.



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It arrives on Sunday mornings with fresh perspectives, helpful ideas, comfort, challenge and inspiration to support you as you break free from your inherited parenting patterns and become the kind of parent you’re longing to be.

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