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Pay from the Heart


When it comes to receiving a service, we all want to pay what’s fair and show that we value the service someone is providing. But we are all in different financial situations and, in the end, I want both of us to feel good about what we’re giving and receiving. 


What you need to know:

  • My regular rate is $130 USD per session. You've probably already seen that similar coaching services at my level range up to $300/hr. 

  • My minimum fee is $100 per session. I offer this to people who cannot afford the support they need right now. And I want to assure you that, if this is what you pay, I would be truly happy to work with you. 

  • And if you are prone to acts of kindness, there is a pay-it-forward rate of $150. Warm the heart of another person finding their way on the human journey.


Next steps?

1. Decide if my coaching program is the right support for you at this time. Book you complimentary discovery session and let's see if we're a fit to work together. 


2. If yes, think about what coaching would mean to you. How much would you value getting past what's currently causing you to stumble? What would the clarity and contentment be worth? And what’s the reality of your financial situation? I trust you to find what feels right in your heart.


3. We will agree upon your session rate between $100 - $150 before starting your program.

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