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My Official Bio

As an Integral Master Coach™, Lori has trained deeply and thoroughly, beyond international standards, to meet clients exactly where they are struggling and help them develop new capabilities for communication and connection.


She was recognized by her trainers as a “stellar” coach and was invited to work as a mentor for professional and master coach candidates.

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Lori’s knowledge of teens and young adults, and her love for them, spring from a decade of experience as an Adult Basic Education instructor, high school tutor and Learning Mentor, prior to which she worked in teen violence prevention, anti-racism and group facilitation.


Her natural ability to create a calm, clear space for truth and growth has been enhanced by her experiences as a ritual facilitator, talking circle guide and space clearer.


As a mother and community-builder, Lori cares deeply about fostering harmony in the world, one family at a time. Her unique blend of intuition, wisdom, coaching expertise and spirit has attracted clients on four continents.

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