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Is This For You? 

There’s a wedge growing between you and your teen or young adult child. There's more and more miscommunication and a lot of walking on eggshells.


You recognize your part in this dynamic. You can feel yourself caught up in parenting patterns that you formed years ago or were even passed down to you from your parents.

Deep in your heart, you're longing for a relationship with your child that has more trust, acceptance and harmony.


Where do you see yourself in these stories?


1. You’ve caught glimpses of your unhealthy parenting pattern.


Your communications with your child are awkward, but you are usually able to sort it out in the end, without too much damage. But every so often, you hear your mother‘s words coming out of your mouth, words you swore you’d never say. Or you catch yourself standing in that same disapproving stance your father did. 


It has you troubled. Part of you doesn’t want to deal with this because it feels thorny and tricky. And part of you wants to face it before it causes any more harm to your relationship with your child.​

2. You’ve tried some things.


You attended a parenting workshop, only to have the inspiration fizzle out in a couple of weeks. Or you read some parenting books but didn’t feel right trying to apply those generic solutions to the most precious relationships in your life.


You’ve been taking a closer look at your way of parenting and the way you were parented. You’ve been going deeper and trying to see what’s you’re really stumbling against. But instead of getting clearer, you’re getting more and more bogged down.


It’s been disappointing and confusing so far, but your instincts are telling you it’s time to do the inner work to reset the trajectory you're on. 

3. You’re ready for deeper clearing.


You have been on this journey for a while, maybe done some therapy, meditation, shamanic journeys, somatic experiencing, etc.


And while those approaches have brought you some relief and clarity, you still feel the remnants of old patterns within you. 


You want to clear them to make space for the new version of yourself you feel emerging. Your new way of parenting is right there on your horizon and you want to step into it. 


  Photo by Lori Walters




You'll experience great results from my coaching program if

  • You are a dedicated parent or caregiver of a teen or young adult.

  • You’re willing to try new things, mess up, practice and learn in order to shift the trajectory you're on.


  • You’re an imperfectly perfect work in progress.  You're willing to go deep and let go of old habits and beliefs about who you are.

  • You see parenting as a gift, an honour and a sacred responsibility to help them shine their light in the world.


  Photo by Lori Walters


And you should know that I'm not going to be the right coach for you if:

  • you want to snap your fingers and solve this in a week

  • you want to "fix" your son or daughter's attitude or behaviour

  • ​​you want someone to just tell you the right thing to do.​​



I work with parents who want to make changes within themselves and cultivate a new way of connecting with their kids.


A way that aligns with their heart and soul.

A way that inspires communication and builds acceptance.

A way into deeper love with their kids.


If this sounds like you, it would be my honour to guide you there.

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