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Personal Evolution Coaching

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities

of our lives, each of us come to points where we need a guide.

Someone to shine a light where we cannot see.

Someone to walk alongside us in the wobbly early days of change until our new legs are strong and sure.

I'm here for you.

Personal Evolution Coaching Programs

The Insight Program

4 weeks

Quick, powerful insight into an issue that’s important to you right now.

The Momentum Program

5 months

Deep understanding and integration of your new way of being.



The Insight Program

4 weeks

Quick, powerful insight into an issue that’s important to you right now.


Over the course of three transformative sessions, I give you my deepest listening as we get to the root of your topic and pinpoint the places that are most important for you to be working to make the change you desire. I shine light on your blind spots (we all have them) in a way that generates understanding and motivation.  Through our powerful conversations and your daily practices, you gain key insights and quickly start to feel some real traction toward your goal.


Your coaching program is focused at the heart of what matters to you right now. It provides you with vital self-awareness, practical skills and a personal “road map” for your next step so you can continue building upon what has begun shifting in you. 


What's ​Included 

  • three 60-minute private sessions

  • a summary of your personal primary developmental objectives

  • instructions for two customized developmental practices





"Like a ray of sunlight can make one look in a new and different direction, Lori’s coaching magic works in the same way.

It is her gentle yet deeply intuitive approach and guidance that led me to discover new pathways for a problem that seemingly had no solution.

Lori took me on a journey beyond what was imaginable at the time and opened my heart, mind and soul to new horizons. I cherish my time with Lori."


Sabrina R



"Lori has a natural gift to listen deeply, with meticulous curiosity and genuine appreciation, and to facilitate your own process of deeper knowing, trusting, and shifting.

This is real work, with concrete results.

If you're looking to shake off old patterns and identities that are no longer working for you, and step more fully into yourself, Lori is going to be a gift in your life."


Jennifer, Yukon



"I could write 10 pages about how transformative my coaching experience with Lori was.


She is wise, kind and extremely insightful. She helped me see things that I had been unable to see, not only about my behaviors, but also about the tangled roots of my old stories and assumptions.


This was deep work that touched my heart and soul. And the changes feel really solid in me."

Caren S. Victoria BC

We begin with a Complimentary Coaching Session

I know that many coaches try to lure you in with a free call just to upsell you or pressure you into making a commitment.

That's not my approach.


In fact, neither of us will make a commitment during this call. 

This is because the “fit” between a client and coach is very important to me. I only coach people who feel a connection with me and sense that my coaching will be of real value to them. ​




So let’s give each other 45 minutes.

You can tell me about what’s bringing you to coaching and experience my coaching style. We’ll learn about each other and get a feel for what it would be like to work together. And then we can both sleep on it for a few days. 


My gift to you.

No pitch. No obligation. 

Just an opportunity to talk with a professional coach.




The Momentum Program

5 months

Powerful understanding and integration in your new way of being.

We begin by exploring what’s afoot for you and why it’s important to you at this time. Then we work together through the carefully planned steps of your personal coaching program to bring about the change that is deeply meaningful to you. In inspiring­­ conversations, we explore and anchor your new insights and, within weeks, you’re noticing what’s begun shifting in you. Custom-designed exercises help you stretch yourself and develop the new “muscles” you need to thrive in the next chapter of your life.


And as you step into your new way of being, you’ll feel confident in your new capabilities and buoyed by the new possibilities in your life.

Engaging in an in-depth coaching program gives you the space to breathe and give attention to your growth. But make no mistake, this is real work - intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. At times, I push you and it gets a little messy. Other times are full of grace and gratitude. ​I walk right beside you through all of it - the wonderful a-ha’s and the inevitable stumbles - with kindness, wisdom and skill.


What's Included

  • Ten private coaching sessions focused entirely on you       (60-minutes online, every two weeks)

  • A map of your coaching journey and three primary developmental objectives

  • Detailed instructions for 10 customized developmental practices plus 2 foundational practices

  • An advancement plan beyond coaching





"Coaching is all about holding somebody and journeying with them and Lori certainly did this with me. Her attention and dedication brought about a major transformation to myself and the work I am doing with our young people. 


I will forever be grateful for her loving support and her commitment to the change I was desiring."



Nancy Nteyia, Kenya 




"Coaching with Lori has brought ease, joy, and power to my way of being.

Lori sees things about you that you hadn't even understood yourself yet. She upholds a standard of professionalism and trust that creates the container for some real, meaningful work to be done.

I highly recommend Lori's services to anyone looking to dig deeper within themselves, to grow as a human being or who needs a new perspective on their situation. This was an irreplaceable gift in my life."


 Michaela, Whitehorse



"I was wondering if I could invest emotionally in online sessions but, within moments, I could feel Lori's passion and beautiful spirit coming at me and I was able to just "be" in that magical space with her.

It soon because clear that my newly learned tools were going to help me maneuver many life situations going forward. I now feel  free to explore the amazing life I had been holding myself back from.

I highly recommend having Lori as your coach and am so grateful for the time I got to spend with her."


 Penny Dundas, Vernon BC

The Last Things You Might Be Wondering


1.  Do I have enough time to do this?

My coaching program doesn’t take you out of your real day-to-day life or add some thing on top of it. You’ll spend two hours per month online with me. The practices you’ll be doing are about being in the moment of your real day-to-day life. They'll take about 15 minutes, which is definitely less then the time you might be spending worrying, dread, trying to figure things out for yourself, ranting, crying, and laying awake replaying mistakes in your head.


2.  Can I afford it? 

The full cost of the program works out to $240/month. Yes, please take a look at how that fits in with the phone bill and the groceries. You’ll also want to consider the value you will get out of it. What will it mean to you to be on the other side of this issue? To have really made the changes you are longing for?  What's a reasonable investment for awareness and skills you will carry with you the rest of your life? It breaks down to about $8/day, the cost of a latte and a muffin. 

(If you are honestly facing a financial barrier, please read about my sliding scale.)


3. But what if it doesn’t work?

The very first thing we will do together is get crystal clear about what exactly we’re going to accomplish together. If after two meetings, you are not feeling a significant shift in yourself, you are free to walk away. This has never happened but, if it's honestly not working for you, there is no part of me that will want to continue. 

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