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Welcome to Parent Coaching


A mind-body-heart journey from

knowing how you want to parent 

to actually doing it 

...every day.

Parenting is one of the most meaningful and most challenging tasks on earth.  You are raising and accompanying another human being in life.


Of course, you’re going to feel completely perplexed, bone tired and downright lost sometimes along the way.


If you feel like you’re just treading water, you’re in the right place.


Take a breath or two.

You’re among friends here.


  Photo by Lori Walters

Is This You?

You’re here because you’re a mom, dad, relative or caregiver who feels the importance of parenting right down into the cells of your body.

​You see parenting as a great gift and a sacred responsibility.

​You believe your role is to support this young person to dance to the beat of their own heart so they can live their life to the fullest and shine their precious light into the world.

BUT at the moment…

It’s not happening. You’re not parenting how you want to be.

You get into the day with your children, stuff happens and you slide into those old default habits. You try to implement your strategy but it flops. Words come out of your mouth that you regret. You're exhausted, overwhelmed and unsure about how to change.


You know there is another way…

One of greater ease and joy.

One that reflects what you believe and keeps you connected with your child.

A way of parenting that’s really you and serves your child’s growth and learning well.

A way that aligns with your heartfelt vision for your life and your family.

You're right. There is another way.

And I can help you get there.



In a 5-month coaching program focused completely on you

- body, mind, heart and soul -

you'll get parenting in the new way you desire.


You become clear about the workings of the pattern you feel stuck in. We bring new awareness to your daily moments of parenting. You take effective steps each day that expand your parenting toolkit and activate your vision of how you really want to be.

And within weeks, your new way of parenting – one that feels deeply meaningful and aligned with who you are – starts to become natural and automatic.


Imagine the peace.

Imagine feeling present and resourceful (even through all the crazy, beautiful stuff that happens). 

Imagine going to bed feeling content in your bones with how you parented today. 

This is absolutely possible for you.

(Go ahead and smile.)





"When we started, I felt like I was falling backwards but, within weeks, I could already feel things changing in me. Not just thinking it, but actually doing it.​ I am very grateful for Lori's respectful, soulful guidance and the way she stayed with me until I really had it in me. 

Lori was like a midwife in the birth of my new approach. The changes in me make my heart sing every day."


F Glenn, Edmonton




"Lori was so attuned with where I’m at in my own journey as a man and as a father. She created the quality of space I needed to access parts of myself that I hadn’t been able to connect to on my own.

This was a transformative experience, much more than I had expected from coaching.

And I love the way I’m being a father now."

Barry Holmes, Vancouver



What’s involved in a coaching program?

We work together for five months.

For best results, we meet every 2 to 3 weeks.

​We meet online for an hour and a quarter. Powerful questioning leads you to self-discovery and honing your skills.

​Between our meetings, you engage in practices for about 15 minutes per day. ​I give you clear, targeted steps so you can shift incrementally.

You get unstuck.


You see things with new perspective.


You respond differently to familiar situations.

​You have new skills to carry you forward on your parenting journey.

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  Photo by Lori Walters

About now, you’re probably thinking, “That sounds like what I really want but I am very busy raising my kids. I don’t have time for a shower, let alone a coaching program.”

And I get that. I’m a mother and I know how that feels. 

That’s why my coaching programs don’t take you out of your real life or add more work on top of it. In fact, changes to your way of parenting have to take place in your real day-to-day life. You learn how to dance on the dance floor, right? Not by sitting on the sidelines.

Meaningful Results


You're probably also curious about what kind of results my clients experience?

Real changes like no longer panicking and ranting when his teenage daughter locks her bedroom door but, instead, staying grounded, patient and open-hearted.

Empowering changes like releasing some high expectations from her own

childhood and trusting her son to do the cleaning in his way.

Beautiful changes like slowing down and enjoying wandering with his son to school.

Life-altering changes like being confident in herself as a real, imperfect mother.

What's the change you're longing for?


  Photo by Lori Walters

You’ve tried things that haven't really worked

  • ​Attending a parenting workshop and getting all fired up, only to have it fizzle out in a couple of weeks.

  • Listening to podcasts with hosts that sound like they never had real children.

  • Trying the strategies in the popular books and blogs but they feel like a borrowed suit, not you.


Podcasts, groups and courses can be really inspiring but, when it comes to the most precious relationships in your life, I don’t think cookie-cutter solutions are enough. You listen and read for hours, hoping for some bits that sound like you. 


But you are unique. Your children are unique. And your relationships are unique. That’s why I create a customized coaching program that meets you exactly where you are right now and guides you forward in a way that fits you and your personal growth perfectly.

Another thing about parenting websites and workshops: all those opinions tend to disconnect us from our knowing about how to be with our child. For me, the more I listened and studied, the more I doubted my instincts. Sound familiar?

You don’t need another parenting prescription.

You need a way to explore the uncharted corners of your heart and soul and bring your desired way of parenting alive in your daily life. 




"Lori is a very skillful coach, but also a wise earth mother. Her calmness and non-judgement create a beautiful space to work in.

I feel so solid in how I am parenting our daughter now.  I am finally being me and parenting my way. It feels right in my heart.

And she is responding to me differently too. The resentment is fading and we’re building something new together.

And that’s worth gold.”

Benita Lang




I came to Lori with a challenging parenting struggle that had plagued me for years. She listened attentively, provided creative and outstanding guidance, while simultaneously letting me be the driver of my own solutions. My relationship with my children has improved and I feel much more confident as a father. 

Scott, New York

But this isn’t for everyone


Before we go any further, there are some things I want you to know:

  • If you want to "fix" your child's behaviour, then I'm not the right coach for you.

  • If you’re looking for someone to just tell you what to do, it’s not me.

  • I don’t offer instant solutions.

  • I’m not a parenting expert (whatever that means, don’t get me started…), a counselor or a therapist.


People come to me as a Master Coach because they are longing to make important, enduring changes within themselves. And they trust me to shine the light for them to do this.


They want that new way of being to be firmly "in" them and visible in how they live their days.


I work with people who are ready to stretch gently beyond the tricky edges of their comfort zones so they can know themselves better and carve a new path forward for their life.


If this sounds like you, it would be my honor to be of service to you.





"There is a new peacefulness in me, thanks to you and your guidance. You were right there when I stumbled around, giving me a new way to see things. And as I made progress, you made sure each one of my new moves was really solid in me.

I am so happy to feel this integration and connection between my soul purpose, my role as a mother and my real-life interactions with my kids."

MLK, Monterey Ca




"I know it sounds cliché but working with Lori changed my life! 

I was really stuck and Lori guided me to come at it from a whole new angle. She was both gentle and tough, which is what I needed to really get me going.

Now I have clearer perspective and I'm moving ahead in beautiful new directions. I am so thankful I chose her as my coach."

   Chelsey, Vancouver BC



Your Coaching Program

​We begin by looking at the change you want to make and why it’s so meaningful to you.

I shine light on your situation in a way that helps you see more clearly where you’re stuck. I do an integral assessment that pinpoints the places that are most important for you to focus your attention. And you soon begin to feel what’s shifting in you.

You engage in targeted practices and soon begin to feel what’s shifting in you.

Your tailored coaching program centers on the heart of what matters to you. Step by step, we build your ability to parent in a new way that really works for you. 

What’s Included

  • Ten private coaching sessions (75-minutes, online, every two weeks) focused entirely on you.

  • A map of your coaching journey and your primary developmental objectives.

  • Detailed instructions for ten customized practices to hone your new skills.

  • My wholehearted commitment to you and the change you’re making.

  • An advancement plan beyond coaching.


$1475 CAD     /      $1200 USD

We begin with a Complimentary Coaching Session

I know that some coaches try to lure you in with a free call just to upsell you or pressure you into making a commitment.

That's not my approach.


Because the client-coach fit is very important. I only coach people who feel a connection with me and sense that my coaching will be of real value to them. ​And, naturally, you want to check out me and my approach before you put yourself in my hands.




So let’s give each other  1 hour.

You can tell me about what’s bringing you to coaching and experience my coaching style. We’ll learn about each other and get a feel for what it would be like to work together. And then we’ll sleep on it. I trust it will become clear if we both want to proceed.


Either way, it's my gift to you.

No pitch. No obligation. 

Just an opportunity to talk with a professional parenting coach.


The Last Things You Might Be Wondering


1.  Do I have enough time to do this?

You’ll spend 2.5 hours per month in conversation with me. In between our sessions, you’ll do simple 15-minute daily practices that fit into your regular life. Once a week, you’ll journal for about 30 minutes. All in all, it’s less time than you might be spending worrying, trying to figure things out for yourself, fuming, crying or laying awake replaying the day in your head.


2.  Can I afford it? 

The cost of the program works out to $240 CAD or $200 USD per month. Yes, please take a look at how that fits in with the phone bill and the groceries. You’ll also want to consider the value you will get out of it. What will it mean to you to parent in a new way? To build deeper connections with your kids? What's a reasonable investment for awareness and skills you will carry with you the rest of your life? It’s about the cost of a latte and muffin per day.

If you are honestly facing a financial barrier, please see my Pay from the Heart sliding scale.


3. But what if it doesn’t work?

The very first thing we will do together is get crystal clear about what exactly we’re going to accomplish together. If after two meetings, you are not feeling a significant shift in yourself, you are free to walk away. This has never happened in my practice but, if it's not working for you, there would be no part of me that would want to continue.

4. Who is Lori?

I’m a certified Integral Master Coach™. I have trained deeply and thoroughly (beyond the international requirements) to learn and embody the skills to meet you where you are, hold space for your exploration and guide your growth in mind, body, heart and soul. My clients get beautiful results. Every time.



I’ve got life experience. I've seen the look on my child’s face when I’ve yelled something unforgivably horrible. I’ve done things that looked more like my mother than who I really am.  I’ve looked in the mirror at night, feeling lost, tired, ashamed and frustrated. And I have shed old habits and ideas and shifted into a new way. I’m not going to pretend that it's easy. Changing old patterns can be messy work but, I can tell you, it’s worth it.

I have a vision in which children grow up learning about themselves and developing the tools they need to become the resilient, creative, emotionally intelligent beings that our world needs. This requires us, as parents and caregivers, to face ourselves and do the work, the good important inner work that will benefit ourselves, our families, our communities and future generations.

Wondering if you’re ready for a deep dive coaching program?


That's a hard one to answer.

What I can tell you is that there really is no such thing as 100% ready.


But if you feel excited, curious and nervous all at the same time, that’s exactly the right way to come into coaching. If your current situation is unsustainable or you’re on a trajectory toward somewhere you don’t want to end up, it’s a good time for coaching.


Some new way of parenting is about to take shape. Trust it.

You want a skilled guide to hold the lantern up so you can see exactly where you are right now and illuminate the next step that is right for you. You want someone to see you, in all your love and frustration, and walk beside you in the murky swamp until you are on solid ground again.


Freer.        Surer.         Lighter.        Calmer.

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