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Come Home to yourself.

Stop hiding, apologizing or waiting for permission to be you.

Listen to your heart, access your own wisdom.

And take your next steps grounded in the truth of who you are.

  Photo by Lori Walters

There’s a change you are longing to make.

You’re stuck in a worn-out pattern. An old mindset.

A way of holding yourself that doesn't feel right.

And there are whispers of something shifting within you.

Something new and more truly you.

Is This You? 

You’re here because you’re looking for clearer perspective and deeper insight. 

And, even more importantly, you want a way to integrate this change into your life.

Not just setting intentions or trying things but having the change solidly anchored in you. Living it every day. Real change.

​ You know deep down that there’s something more within you that wants to shine now. But you can’t quite make it happen on your own.



You’re in the right place.



Change can be so frustrating, confusing and destabilizing.


You're trying to get perspective on something when you’re right in the middle of it. Trying to see your next step when it's a little dark and foggy. Making progress and then sliding back.

It's like trekking through a mountain pass without a guide.

But there is another way.




In a coaching program focused completely on you

- body, mind, heart and soul -

you'll make this change and get living in the new way you desire.



Imagine saying...

I have truly moved on from an old pattern.

I'm no longer going in circles.

I have integrated this change into my daily life.

I'm really doing it.

I feel more truly me.

This is absolutely possible for you.                                                                   




"I could write 10 pages about how transformative my coaching experience with Lori was.

She is wise, kind and extremely insightful. She helped me see things that I had been unable to see, not only about my behaviors, but also about the tangled roots of the old stories I was caught up in.

This was deep work that touched my heart and soul. And the changes feel really solid in me."

Caren S., Victoria BC



"Like a ray of sunlight can make one look in a new and different direction, Lori’s coaching magic works in the same way.

It is her gentle yet deeply intuitive approach and guidance that led me to discover new pathways for a problem that seemingly had no solution.

Lori took me on a journey beyond what was imaginable at the time and opened my heart, mind and soul to new horizons. I cherish my time with Lori."


Sabrina R, Toronto



What’s involved in a coaching program?

​We meet online every 2 weeks.

Powerful questioning leads you to self-discovery and honing your skills.

​Between our meetings, you engage in short daily practices that shift you incrementally.

You get unstuck.


You see things with new perspective.


You respond differently to those familiar situations.

​You have new skills to carry you forward.

IMG-5532 (7).jpg

  Photo by Lori Walters

About now, you’re probably thinking, “That's what I really want but I am very busy. I don’t think I have time for a coaching program.”

And I get that.


That’s why my coaching programs don’t take you out of your real life or add more work on top of it. In fact, changes to your way of being have to take place in your real day-to-day life.


You learn how to dance on the dance floor, right? Not by sitting on the sidelines.

You're also probably curious about what kind of results my clients experience.


Real changes like speaking up clearly and gaining the respect of those who had dismissed her.

Empowering changes like no longer second-guessing his decisions but confidently asserting authorship of his life.

Beautiful changes like being with her fear and opening her heart to a new relationship.


Life altering changes like riding the rhythms of his life with an abiding sense of connection to his solid inner core.

What's the change you're longing for?




"Lori has a natural gift to listen deeply, with meticulous curiosity and genuine appreciation, and to facilitate your own process of deeper knowing, trusting, and shifting.

This is real work, with concrete results.

If you're looking to shake off old patterns and identities that are no longer working for you, and step more fully into yourself, Lori is going to be a gift in your life."


Jennifer Eakins, Yukon



"Coaching is all about holding somebody and journeying with them and Lori certainly did this with me. Her attention and dedication brought about a major transformation to myself and the work I am doing with our young people. 

I will forever be grateful for her loving support and her commitment to the change I was desiring."



Nancy Nteyia Mashati, Kenya 

This isn’t for everyone

Before we go any further, there are some things I want you to know about me: 

If you want a quick fix, then I'm not the right coach for you. And if you’re looking for someone to just tell you what to do, it’s not me



People come to me as a Master Coach because they are longing to make important, enduring changes within themselves. And they trust me to shine the light for them to do this.


They want that new way of being to be firmly "in" them and visible in how they live their days.


I work with people who are ready to stretch gently beyond the tricky edges of their comfort zones so they can know themselves better and carve a new path forward for their life.


If this sounds like you, it would be my honor to be of service to you.



"Coaching with Lori has brought ease, joy, and power to my way of being.

Lori sees things about you that you hadn't even understood yourself yet. She upholds a trust and creates the container for some real, meaningful work to be done.

I highly recommend Lori's services to anyone looking to dig deeper within themselves, to grow as a human being or who needs a new perspective on their situation. This was an irreplaceable gift in my life."


 Michaela, Whitehorse YT

"I was wondering if I could invest emotionally in online sessions but, within moments, I could feel Lori's passion and beautiful spirit coming at me and I was able to just "be" in that magical space with her.

It soon because clear that my newly learned tools were going to help me maneuver many life situations going forward. I now feel  free to explore the amazing life I had been holding myself back from."


 Penny Dundas, Vernon BC




Choose Your Way to Work with Me

The Insight Program

6 weeks 

Get powerful insight into an issue that’s important to you right now.  This program illuminates what you can’t quite see and opens...

The Transformation & Integration Program

4- 7 months

This custom-designed program will be one of the major turning points in your lifetime...


A Bit More about Me


I have so much compassion for where you are right now because I, too, have stood on the edge of an important shift in myself, sensing it just beneath the surface, knowing it must happen and, yet, no matter what I tried, I was unable to bring it forward into my life on my own. I’ve been lost, tired, ashamed and frustrated.


And I have shed old habits and ideas and shifted into new ways. I’m not going to pretend that this is easy. Changing old patterns can be messy work but, I can tell you, it’s worth it.


I hold a vision of peace. I believe that, when we do the work, the good important work of healing and expressing ourselves truthfully, we create peace.


One at a time, I guide people to find a more balanced, centered, empowered and embodied way of being. It helps to create peace in their hearts and I see that being modelled with their friends and relatives, and rippling out to their communities and future generations. That’s what I’m about.



"It was so valuable getting to know the specific patterns I've been living and developing new attributes and making some major shifts in my life.

Lori held a refined and clear container to support my intentions, riding the waves of the journey with unwavering compassion for my humanness. 

She is a powerful witness and will warmly and skillfully support what's emerging in you."


 N. Mosely




"I have reaped the rewards of clarity, inner peace, and confidence that I wouldn’t have found without Lori.  

Her calm and caring energy made it easy for me open up deep truths.

She lifted the fog and helped me find a clear understanding of who I am and who I want to be.

Lori flowed with my changing needs as my layers were peeling away.

She is wise and she is in her Dharma."


 R. Sievewright, Whistler BC

Wondering if you’re ready for coaching?

What I can tell you is that there really is no such thing as 100% ready.


But if you feel excited, curious and nervous all at the same time, that’s the perfect way to come into coaching. If your current situation is unsustainable and you’re on a trajectory toward somewhere you don’t want to end up, it’s a good time for coaching.

Your new way of being is about to take shape. Trust it.

You want a skilled guide to hold the lantern up so you can see exactly where you are right now and illuminate the next step that is right for you. You want someone to see you, in all your love and frustration, and walk beside you in the murkiness until you are on solid ground again.

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