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Coaching for Parents

As parents, change is constantly in front of our eyes - 

we see our child's growing body, expanding mind and changing moods.


And we realize that the only way we are going to do this well

is to change and grow right alongside them. 

 I guide loving, conscious parents to break free

from old patterns and beliefs, cultivate new approaches 

and bring all of themselves into their new way of parenting.


Image by Aliko Sunawang

Parenting is the long game.

It’s messy, delightful, unpredictable, beautiful, aggravating, fun, confusing and, some days, downright disheartening.


With the recent changes to home life, you may have found yourself acting like a controlling overlord or an underpaid zookeeper, struggling with self-doubt, impatience and expectations of what it “should” look like.

Or you may have been feeling uncomfortable about your relationship  with your child for a while and the time has come to shift onto a better trajectory. 

If you want to shine in your role as a parent,

I can help.

Playing Cards

You are unique.

Your child is unique.

And your situation is unique.

That’s why I offer customized coaching programs that give you powerful insight and a way forward that's realistic for who you really are.

It's about parenting in a way that brings you

peace of mind.

And when you're feeling calm and confident,

your household is more harmonious.


We all want that.

Father and Son Playing

You love your kids.

You’ve read books, listened to podcasts and watched how your friends and relatives do it. 

You’ve set intentions and created new plans. But sometimes these strategies feel forced, like they’re for someone else.

And then there’s this small (or not so small) person throwing a wrench into your well-laid plans.

It’s tiring.


 And yet...

You feel something else calling from deep within you.

A different way, a unique way… 

The importance of parenting is something we can feel right down to our bones.

A biological imperative to nurture.

A sacred responsibility to guide them into the world.

A powerful respect for this amazing being that smiles at us across a plate of spaghetti.

So now what?

Maybe you know exactly what's ready to change within you.

Or maybe you feel it ready to emerge but you can't quite grasp it yet.

Either way, you're reading this, so you know it's time for a shift. 

I can help you navigate from where you are now into your new way of parenting.

Image by Elijah Hiett

The gifts of parenting are huge, as are the demands.

And there’s really only one way to thrive in this role and that’s by doing it YOUR way.


That’s not just a line from a book and it’s definitely not simple.

It requires a deep change within you so that you can be connected to your instincts, fully present to your child and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics as you both grow and blossom.

You have everything you need within you

to be a great parent.

You have everything you need

to create a harmonious family.

Yes you do.

What My Clients are Saying


I am full of gratitude for the respectful approach you take to coaching parents.


Honestly, when we started, I felt like I was moving backwards as a parent and, within weeks, I was really growing upward. Not just saying it and thinking it, but actually doing it. You were steady and supportive the whole way through.


Anyone who is feeling blind or blocked will definitely benefit from working with Lori.


                 F Glenn, Edmonton


All Coaching Programs begin with a

Free Discovery Call

You've got questions like...

How does it work? 

What if  I'm not sure exactly what needs to change?

How will I know if Lori is the right coach for me? 

What exactly will I be doing?  How long does it take? 

That's why we start with a Discovery Call.

No cost. No obligation.

Just an opportunity for us to talk.

In this free online conversation, we will explore the specific topic that is bringing you to coaching and why it’s important to you now.

I will explain my approach to coaching and answer all your questions about how it works.

Within 30 minutes, we’ll know if it feels right to work together.


I’m dedicated to helping you find your new way of parenting. 

068 (2).JPG

If you’re looking for quick answers or a prescription to tell you what to do, then I’m not the right coach for you.


I work with parents who are willing to explore their own standpoints and patterns and get down to the core of how they really want to “be” as a parent.

It’s because I’m a parent that I have genuine compassion for where you are right now. And it’s because of my training and expertise that I know I can be of service to you as you step across the threshold into your new way of parenting.

I have a unique combination of experience in coaching, parenting, teaching, homeschooling and tutoring.


You love your family. And you have a powerful biological desire to parent to the best of your ability. And right now that ability is ready to stretch. I know that because you’re reading this. 


You know how are you want to parent but you just can’t quite grasp it.

You’re longing for more ease and more peace in your relationship with your child and in your home life.

Lavender Fields



The Parenting Coaching Program

We begin by looking at what's not working, the change you want to make and why it’s important to you to. I shine light on your blind spots (we all have them) in a way that generates understanding and motivation. And we pinpoint the places that are most important for you to focus your attention. You soon begin to feel what’s shifting in you.

Working together, we explore what this all means for you and undertake concrete incremental steps to put it into place so that it is a new pattern, a new approach that comes to you naturally.


Your tailored coaching program centers on the heart of what matters to you and, step by step, builds your ability to parent in a new way that really works for you and your situation. And as you step into your way of parenting, you will feel more balance and confidence.

Holding Hands

The length of your program depends on your topic and the depth you want to work at.

Includes five to twelve 70-minute sessions (depending on your topic and progress), a summary of your primary developmental objectives, instructions for three to six customized developmental practices and an advancement plan beyond coaching.

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