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Complimentary Coaching Session


Yes, for you!

This is 60 minutes, just you and me, exploring an issue that’s close to your heart. A challenge you need some light shone upon. Maybe a stubborn old story that keeps resurfacing. Maybe a vision you want to make room for and just can’t see how to get started. Or perhaps a way of reacting to your kids that’s taking you on a trajectory you don’t want to follow.

This is the work I do – guiding mothers through their murky swamps or over their craggy mountain passes. Of course, it is completely up to you how deep or high we go. I will honour your intuition and your boundaries and ask you powerful questions that illuminate where you’re stumbling and where you want to go.

As we explore, we’ll start to see your next step and we’ll co-design a practice or two to support you in being able to take it, in a practical way that fits you just perfectly.


What you can expect to receive


  • Clarity. Our conversation will shed light on what you can’t quite see right now. The techniques I use take you to the heart of the matter. The fog will clear and you’ll have a fresh perspective on your current situation.

  • Support. This is an opportunity to be deeply seen and heard – all of who you are and what’s coming up for you right now, be it awkward, messy or heavy. You’ll feel accepted and supported.


  • Your next step. You’ll leave with a practical, personalized and clearly defined action. Not just great insights but also a way to integrate them into your life. We’ll design these steps together so they’re right for you and you’re eager to get started with them. Change is immediately afoot.


  • Check me out. If you’re curious about coaching, this is a chance to find out what it’s like. And if you’re considering embarking on a coaching journey with me, you’ll want a feel for how I work. You know, I've worked with healers, shamans, coaches, intuitives and practitioners and I would never put my personal evolution in the hands of someone unless I had the clear sense that they were the right person offering the right approach at the right time. I want the same for you.


"I can't believe how much I got out of one session. 

I can see what I want to do next and that's a huge relief."

~ Hanna N., Orlando, Fl















Who are these sessions for?


These sessions are for anyone who is in a tricky transition in motherhood, not quite able to see their next step or spinning in the mud unable to get traction. People who want some light shone on those obstacles so they can move forward.

If you’re thinking that you shouldn’t bother me when there are probably more needy people wanting my help, I invite you to allow yourself to receive. I’m inviting you. You are 100% welcome to one of these sessions.

If you’re looking for some kind of hidden agenda (I know I would be), there really isn’t one. I've made a commitment to ethical business practices. It's free and I promise that there will be absolutely no uncomfortable salesy talk. Even if you’re interested in working more with me, we won’t discuss it in this session (we can do that later). This is solely a boost of light for you and your personal development.

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Why I do complimentary sessions

  • Understanding my people. Everyone I work with teaches me something about motherhood, womanhood and the human journey. These conversations inform and nourish me and keep my coaching relevant to the people I most want to help. 


  • Mastery. As a member of the lineage of Integral Master Coaches, I’ve made a commitment to continually deepening my skill and embodiment. Every session hones my expertise.


  • Making a contribution. In my heart, I want every mother to have access to skillful support and guidance. The feedback I’ve received is that these single sessions are enlightening and pivotal and that makes me feel like I'm making a difference.


  • Doing what I love. Coaching is my brilliance, my passion and my soul’s oxygen. I want to do it every day.

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